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It soon became evident that the district of north Cachar or the hills between that and Assam must have been the centre of disturbance or near to it. the southern faces often precipitous, the beds, too, looking from the eouth, seemed to have a gentle dip to the northwards.

S., 8fc,, Superintendent of the Geological Survey of India. ^,'^Beport on the Geology of parts of Manipur and the Naga Hills, by R. Nor were our anticipations in this respect without sound basis ; for next morning the telegraph wires brought the intelligence that Silchar town had been shaken to its veiy centre, that serious destruction had ensued, and, allowing for the sensational tei*ms in which some of the messages were conveyed, the result obviously of the first alarm before the facts had been realised, it was still clear that a very unusually severe shock had occurred, that much injury to property and possibly destruction of life had resulted and further that, as the news could be gathered up, it would be found that other places also as well as Silchar had suffered severely.* For some time, each successive moming^s newspaper brought additions to the reports of damage done, and were filled with communications from various people who had experienced the shock. upper tertthries to the that to the south, the hillfl being much barer and north.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. I was very desirous to get on to Munipur to see what had occurred there; but although the Deputy Commissioner said he could procure me the few coolies which would have been necessary for transport of baggage, &c., still, as it was obvious that this would have to some extent interfered with their more urgent occupation elsewhere, and as he stated that it would be essential idso, in the then state of the country, that I should have a small escort, not from any actual fear of disturbance, but to guard against the chance of ( 8 ) Digitized by Google 4 OLDHAM: THB CAX)HAE BAETHQUAKE OP IOt H JANDAET 1869. composition, being a medley of blocks of stone of all sizes and, near the heads of the valleys at any rate, for the most part sub-angular, have been mistaken by Major Oodwin-Austen for morraines. But before proceeding to a description of the deposits themselves, Phyrical fcatnres of ^* ^^ ^ ^®^^ ^® devote a few words to a descrip- the country.

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The water in tanks and rivers was violently agitated, and the Barak rose in huge waves, and wrecked numbers of boats. The same now flows once more in its original course. The bed in which the ore is found is never at the surface, but covered with alluvium to the depth of two to five feet, and is itself from three to twelve inches thick. — Seismic area of the earthquake v^ Map of India showing the distribution of Hot Springs. Digitized by Google Digitized by Google Digitized by Google Digitized by Google^ \ \ Digitized by Google p V Digitized by Go Qgt MEMOIRS \ OF THE GEOLOGIi CAL SURVEY OF INDIA. 10th January 1869, ly the late Thomas Oldham, l.l.d., p.b.8., etc., Superintendent of the Geological Survey of India^ edited by R. At once noting the time of the shock by my own watch, and just then feeling a second but less violent shock pass under me, I got up to see more particularly what had occurred. The former I had too opportunity of examining, Kiisom escarpment. The Kasom ridge is composed of regularly bedded sandstones with, in the part accessible to observation, but few argilla- ceous beds ; the thickness actually examined amounted to 1,500 feet, and in the hills on the Burma side of the crest there must beat least as much again, making a total thickness of over 3,000 feet. Stewart's tomb 76 v/ XL — Vents coalescing into an irregular fissure .... — Four-sphere seismometer ^, V A.— Phin of Civil Station of Silchar ,, V^ap. 1/ Geological sketch of parts of Manipur and the Naga Hills. On that evening I was myself sitting reading in a house at Barrackpore about 15 miles from the city when, without any warning, the chair was violently rocked under me, everything in the room was shaken, doors and windows rattled and the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling were set swinging with considerable force. ( 225 ) Digitized by Google l O OLDHAH : GEOLOGY OF MANTPt TR ANB XAOA HILLS. « but as the two form one eontmuous escarp- ment broken through by the gorge of the Napung^ whatever re- marks I shdli have to make as to the one will be equally applicable to the other.Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. Digitized by Google '■^ CALOurr A ; OFFICB OF TQK 8UPBUINTBNDR5T OF Ch OTEBMMUMT PKIMTINO, INDIA. 5 the jail^ sexoy lines^ and villages on the peninsula are all in a complete scene of destruction. Thus we have deposits precisely similar to those already described, and to which we must attribute the same cause of origin which are found, e.p., in the Zumha valley, at a height of about 2,500 feet above the sea ; and though some may be willing to believe that glaciers have descended to a level of 5,000 feet in these latitudes, there are, I fancy, very few capable o£ such an ef Eort of faith as to accept the possibility of glaciers having descended to within 2,500 feet of the sea level within three degrees of the tropics, at any rate as long as any other explanation is possible.About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. WHITNEY, Sturffit ftooper Pt^frunr MUSEUM or OOMPARATITE ZOOLOGY te^ ^, •fl VMATV^LI ECNLl' Digitized by Google OCT 16 1922 Digitized by Google Digitized by Google Digitized by Google Digitized by Google MEMOIRS OF THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY or INDIA. r UDLIfin SD BY OBDSB OF HIS SXCBLLKNOT THB OOVBBKOB OBVBBAL OF IKDIA IN COUNCIL. BOLD AT THB OEOLOGICAL 8UBYET OFFICE, AND BT ALL B00KSELLEB8. '' I have quoted this verbatidi, because it seems to me an excellent instance of how easily grossly exaggerated and therefore incorrect state- ments can find a place in the history of such phenomena ; here is an official report by the Government officer in charge of the Public Works and build-^ ings at Cachar made three days after the event and yet most largely at variance with the real state of the facts. 148), as ooonning on March 9th, and as ooouning in North Eastern India.] M March j S^m^Madbas avd Cxtlon.— Severe shocks felt at Travancore 20 minutes later than at Madras. Nor do the gorges by which the drainage from the hills round Japvo escapes show any signs of glacial action ; in that of the Mizir, which is the most open, so much so that the word gorge ia hardly applicable, we have near its termination a low sharp-crested spur of solid rock, which from its shape can never have been subjected to the grinding of a glacier, running across the valley right up to the present bed of the stream ; those of the other streams^ e.p., the Gaziarur (Kerkur- ( 230 ) Digitized by Google MAP Digitized by Google Digitized by Google (H^DHABf : 6BOLOOT OF Mii NIPUR AND NAGA HILLS.

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