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A large part of what is today the North Sea was dry land connecting Denmark with Britain, and the earliest inhabitants of The British Isles almost certainly walked there.If instead Hunter turned south, to what is now Greece, Southern Italy, all the large Mediterranean islands, and the coastal areas of Turkey and Spain, the vegetation would resemble a semi-desert steppe with scattered pockets of trees in the moist areas: it was certainly a more wooded landscape than we would find taking a similar trip there today, as all these areas have been extensively deforested over the last two thousand years.

The Hunter Genodynamic is reactive, adversarial, and opportunistic – basically a phenomenal combination for survival.

There was a significant warm interglacial period between 100,000 and 150,000 years ago and a greener Sahara allowed humans living in Ethiopia and the southern Sudan to travel north across an otherwise impenetrable Sahara and Sinai Peninsula.

However there was again another sudden freezing of the world’s climates about 90,000 years ago, and this saw the return of desert conditions to the Middle East with the loss of major game.

The Atlantic forest of Brazil was also much diminished.

Some desert and semi-desert areas formed in what are presently grassland and scrub zones.

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