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The soundtrack to the film, which included soul staples such as In The Midnight Hour, Try a Little Tenderness and Mustang Sally, went on to sell 12 million copies, and ensured their fame burned bright.

With his powerful, raspy voice, 17-year-old Strong was The Commitments’ standout performer, and a glittering career seemed to beckon.

In The Swell Season, directors Nick August-Perna, Chris Dapkins and Carlo Mirabella-Davis grant us exclusive access inside the ever-after of their fairy tale.

Irglová is us, if we were thrust in such an uncompromising and glorious situation based on our talent and passion and our capacities to believably feel in the moment.

That is not the case with Hansard and Irglová, and The Swell Season proves it in every single one of its frames.

Their love was real and it still survives, albeit in a new state.

It opened in London earlier this year to glowing reviews.

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Their relationship projects out into the world and people want them to be together.

In 2011, he joined much of the original cast in a series of reunion gigs to mark its 20th anniversary, retaining something of the diva attitude his character displayed in the film: “I think people deserve to hear me singing these songs,” he said.

Earlier this month, he completed a solo tour of Australia, and says his shows are “probably about 85 per cent my own thing, and then The Commitments songs to keep people happy”.

But she was still just learning to walk and was suddenly forced to find her voice, on such a big stage. The Swell Season captures them as they strip and skinny dip. They live, walk and, of course, sing in harmony, switching imperceptibly in and out of the lead. He is now off the street, striding and standing tall in the halls, drawing the public into a sense of shared intimacy as he sings to them, each and every one from the stage.

And afterward, Hansard longs to see and thank everyone.

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