Dating pre 64 winchesters

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Not only the rockets and ordnance items themselves, but the methods of manufacture, and some of the business decisions necessary for a profit oriented company.This alone makes it a thought provoking read for anyone with an interest in technology or manufacturing or weapons.", however it may also be an opening gambit in a Dream Within a Dream sequence.Sometimes the dream lasts longer than one episode — entire seasons, and even entire series, have been known to turn out to be dreams.I keep one copy with my gun show stuff, one in the office and another in the car (in case I find something while traveling! Well organized by maker or general category, it is easy to use.Well illustrated to point out model differences, and absolutely indispensable for any gun collector. ARMY SPECIAL FORCES FOREIGN WEAPONS HANDBOOK - By SGM Frank Moyer, 326 pages 8.5” x 11” hardbound. Scope and content is similar to the classic editions of Small Arms of the World, but without the obscure historical stuff, and focusing on arms likely to be encountered by Special Forces units in their mission post 1970. .00 (View Picture) 19716 STEEL CANVAS: THE ART OF AMERICAN ARMS - By R. Wilson, 384 pages 9” x 11” loaded with color photos and info on beautiful guns, often those embellished by master artisans.The book covers every known Gyrojet rocket ever made, from 2.8mm up to 55mm, plus the 0.030-inch Javettes for the “CIA Dart Gun” with their biological or chemical payloads.

Even more astonishing are the insights into “why” these items were invented and manufactured.These ranged from rockets small enough to fit in a spy’s cigarette, to larger designs (roughly .22 to .30 caliber range) up to larger items for launching flares and much larger devices for chaff for electronic countermeasures.At some point they came up with the “Gyrojet” pistols and carbines, which are vaguely familiar to many collectors, but previous information on them has been largely based on legends, guesses and misinformation, some of it from their use in a James Bond movie.Besides the thorough and accurate descriptions that enable proper identification of guns there are many sections dealing with gun collecting in general and with specific specialized areas.Each has lots of sound advice which is critical knowledge for beginning collectors and a valuable refresher for even the most experienced collectors.

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