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You may find yourself avoiding the holiday rituals that had been a part of your friendship, making excuses that no one – including you – believes.

You may find yourself, like me, just wishing you could hibernate during the holidays. Too many of us who grieve our friends are encouraged, coaxed and otherwise told in no uncertain terms that we need to “move on”.

The source also says that it’s gotten so serious that Rachel introduced Taylor to her family, and he bonded with her Taylor Kitsch have reportedly been dating, and Dish Nation obtained exclusive photos of the two together on July 18 in which an eyewitness revealed the couple was "canoodling." Rachel, 36, and Taylor, 34, were spotted having brunch on Saturday at the Marina Del Rey, Calif., breakfast-all-day hotspot, Cafe Buna.

So – always with the disclaimer that I’m not a therapist – here are some things to consider while you grieve a friend during the holidays:1 – Get some sleep. No one gets medals for being sleep-deprived, and when you’re grieving, your body is under additional stress.I’ve been reading articles about coping with grief during this festive time of year. The one after my uncle died in a car accident earlier in December was horrible.Without exception, they focused on grieving a family member. We went through the motions, but it wasn’t the same. Maybe there were special things the two of you did together during the holidays: Thanksgiving Day football games, shopping, office parties, afternoon tea, organizing mini-class reunions, baking cookies.The film is based on the true story of a husband (Channing Tatum) who tries to rebuild his relationship with his wife (Mc Adams) after a car crash injury impairs her memory.It doesn't look like Mc Adams will be taking another acting break anytime soon.

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